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In our experience footwear directly affected staff productivity. Inadequate safety protection can lead to loss of profits, injury claims and substantial fines. So it makes sense to resolve common health problems that arise from standing in uncomfortable footwear.

Research suggests that over 170 million days are lost to sickness absence every year. By proactively tackling employee footwear complaints you’ll see a definitive reduction in long term sick leave. Safety footwear prevents foot fatigue and helps staff avoid tripping and slipping incidents.

Chronic foot problems are easily resolved and foot injuries avoided with our carefully crafted integra.boot range

Wellbeing at work

Keeping your staff fit and healthy at work starts with their feet. Designed to provide comfort without compromising on protection, our high-quality safety boots are ergonomically sound and subjected to EN certification.

We eliminate common foot problems at their source by building boots that are well-fitting, grip the heel firmly and allow movement. By educating staff about foot care and flexibility they’ll be less prone to strains and irritation when working in a fixed position.

Protecting your staff from crushing, cuts, burns, foot punctures and sprains is simple with our expert knowledge and comprehensive range of safety boots.

Testimonial Quote

The comfort, water resistance and metal free design of the integra.boot suits our many working environments.

Frank Williamson, CHAP Group
Testimonial Quote

Never had a problem with any of the integra.boot styles purchased.

Denise Osborne, A.G. Barr
Testimonial Quote

I wear the boots myself so I can confirm they’re comfortable. I don’t see us changing supplier anytime soon.

William Aitken, Highland Council
Testimonial Quote

Our lorry drivers use the boots and like both the comfort and lightness of them……great value for money.

Alan Patterson, Stewarts of Tayside
Testimonial Quote

Excellent fit ideal for the purpose and covers all safety standards. Staff are delighted with the weight and the comfort of the boot.

Margaret Robertson, Tullibardine Distillery
Testimonial Quote

We recently changed to the Traction boots, because the sole lasted longer. Drivers are very happy with the Traction boots.

Rafael Fernandez, Suckling Transport
Testimonial Quote

Footwear is excellent. All my guys find it very comfortable.

Mark Pearson, Glasgow Airport
Testimonial Quote

We use integra boots throughout the factory and have no complaints with these.

Carol Adie, Grahams Family Dairy
Testimonial Quote

The integra.boot has been widely recognised as being a good for value boot with good feedback from all trades staff for hard wear and comfort.

Stores Manager, Local Authority
Testimonial Quote

We have found them to be good value and good quality.

Elizabeth Gourlay, Harry Lawson
Testimonial Quote

Highly recommend integra.boot safety footwear for durability and value for money.

Lisa Ralston, Dewar Brothers Ltd
Testimonial Quote

They are tough, durable, comfortable and competitively priced.

Peter Ross, ANM Group Ltd
Testimonial Quote

Comfort in and out of the cab, no complaints from any of our drivers.

Jim Sellwood, DHL
Testimonial Quote

Does what it says on the tin, great value for money.

Karol Wojcik, Scotbeef Ltd
Testimonial Quote

integra.boot wellingtons are more comfortable than previous ones used. They are also lighter, have more slip resistance and are easier to clean.

Tony Swann, Welcome Foods