Tenaci White Wellington Boots

Chosen for its grip, Tenaci is made from third generation polyurethane and is cold resistant to -30 degrees Celsius. Avoid slips, trips and falls with strong grip protection from a single density polyurethane sole whilst keeping your feet comfortable in cushioned removable insoles.

Product Code: W/0833

Size Range: UK 3 - 14 (Euro: 36 - 49)

RRP: £49.50

  • Anti-Static
  • Anti Slip (SRC)
  • Steel Toe Cap
  • PVC Free
  • Waterproof
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Cold Insulation

We understand the importance of protecting your employees in hazardous conditions. That’s why we created this hard-wearing polyurethane wellington with exceptional grip protection that meets SRC and EN regulations and prevents slips, trips and falls in the workplace. Should the worst happen the steel toe cap and shock absorption technology protects the foot from accidental damage.

  • 3rd Generation Polyurethane, Foamed (PU)
  • Cold Resistant to -30°C
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Antistatic
  • Steel Toe Cap
  • Single Density PU/TPU Sole
  • Animal Fat & Oil Resistant
  • Removable Footbed Insole
  • EN 20345:2007 S4
  • CI Certified
  • SRC

Wall Thickness

integra.boot boast an average wall thickness of 5mm.  This is why we can get Cold Insulation (CI) certifcation down to -30C.  No longer is there a need for specialist thermal wellingtons - integra.boot has it all in one.

SRC Sole

The integra.boot Tenaci has one of the highest rated slip resistant soles currently produced.

It has ratings of 0.50 on the heel and 0.63 on the flat for testing method Ceramic surface with a soapy water mix. 

On the Steel surface with Glycerol, it has ratings of 0.16 on the Heel and 0.18 in the flat.


Tenaci White Wellington Boots

Where can this product be used?

The Tenaci is perfect for the Food and Drink Manufacturing industry due to it being easily cleanable coupled with it's impressive SRC rating, tread pattern and cold insulation.

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Introducing the Tenaci

Tenaci White Wellington Boots

What Clients Say...

Our clients have commented on improvements in employee satisfaction since switching to the Tenaci and the difference in quality and comfort of the Tenaci compared to other products on the market. Read our Testimonials below.

Tenaci White Wellington Boots

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Tenaci White Wellington Boots

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Shoe Sizes

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Testimonial Quote

We recently started using the Tenaci and from our initial trials I have seen vast improvements in slip resistance and comfort.

Karol Wojick, Scotbeef